Taiwan AIDS Society

Do AIDS sufferers have human rights too? The human rights of AIDS sufferers took the side roads in the wake of public fear and vanished in despair of public disdain! Constant harsh words and contemptuous eyes had caused AIDS sufferers to lose their courage in a world filled with contempt and prejudice against their plight. However, if we were all to stand before our Creator on final judgment day, who among us is not a sinner? In the last decade of the 20th Century, AIDS had already taken around 14 million lives. How could one still stand in the sidelights and feign unconcern? The manifesto of the International AIDS Prevention and Research Organization "Providing essential medical treatment to AIDS sufferers has been regarded as a basic human right. Equal treatment should be provided regardless of race and sexual gender..." manifests cohesion in human perception and the awareness for the need of equal support and medical care to stem the spread and ultimately overcome AIDS.

According to a global investigative study, around one-fourth of the youth population in Taiwan and the Asian region practice safe sex and use a condom during a sexual intercourse. The statistics indicate that Asian youth are bold in way but lack proper sense of awareness. They seem to be unaware of the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. Don't they know that a moment's pleasure could one day become a serious social burden?

It is imperative to seriously recognize the fact that the ages of youth engaging in premarital sex are becoming younger. The society should take on the important task of providing the right education and teaching the youth about love and responsible sex, thus ingraining the right attitude towards sex. Our society should carefully retrospect and realize the power of an "education of love". This is the only way that we could mitigate the increasing social burden created by unpleasant consequences of our actions.